“Randy Fritz’s glorious book, Hail of Fire, reminds us that at its core Texas is about the land. The best among us are those who love the land in the kind of heart-stopping way Fritz loves the Lost Pines of Bastrop County.  I found myself weeping with gratitude for the graciousness of Fritz’s descriptions of loblollies as iconic sculptures and of his contemplation of them as living creatures among us. A man who can grieve the loss of a forest is a man who can lead us to a conversation about the importance of telling our stories of losses of all kinds. Whether he’s describing ravaged ecosystems, existential suffering, or fatherly concerns for his daughters, Fritz’s voice rings true. If you’ve ever loved a tree—or a person—do yourself a favor: read this book, because at its core love in all its splendor and sadness is what it’s about.
— Jan Jarboe Russell, author of The Train to Crystal City

“Randy Fritz has written a mesmerizing account of the Bastrop fire, the worst in Texas history and one of the worst ever nationally. The heart of Hail of Fire is how an everyday citizen survives the angst and awfulness of a natural disaster. Highly recommended!
— Douglas Brinkley, author of The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Hail of Fire engages the reader on many levels…it deserves the widest possible readership.” — San Antonio Express-News

“As Fritz and his family deal with shock, instability, and the stress involved in trying to move forward, their perseverance and strength, and that of those around them, demonstrate that life definitely can rise from the ashes.” — Booklist

“A roller coaster ride…. brutally honest, intimate and affecting.” — Austin American-Statesman

“Fritz’s goal in writing this book is to help others in the aftermath of disaster and he has succeeded, in both practical and emotional terms.” — Lone Star Literary Life

“Fritz is at his best when he recounts the impact the fire had on his own psyche, with raw reflections on the difficult time he had coping and how his depression became difficult for his family. Ultimately, Hail of Fire is a book about overcoming the family’s loss, how people come together, and how they rebuild their lives.” — Foreward Reviews